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The unique Renaissance buildings by architect Andrea Palladio (1508–80), based on a detailed study of classical Roman architecture, gives the city its unique appearance. His work inspired a distinct architectural style known as Palladian, which spread to England and other European countries, and also to North America.
Vicenza looks back on almost 3,000 years of history and earned the status of a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.
Its rich urban and cultural landscape offers a variety of cultural activities,shopping possibilities, and leisure times, for everyone’s taste. Surrounded by mountains in the north and south, the breathtaking natural landscapes around Vicenza offers ideal opportunities for outdooring activities. These famous sites include innumerable villas, palazzi, castles, parks, sacred buildings and sculptures. Both in winter and in summer, sports enthusiasts and those who look for silence can find what their looking for: whether it is skiing, golfing, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, hiking or tasting wine, the opportunities are endless.
Either if you love to be sorrounded by gentle rolling hills or to experience the historic city neighborhood we have a captivating solution for you. Courtdyards, pergolas, attics, fireplaces and much more mediterranean magic: we're taking seriously your move to Vicenza.
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